Eleanor // 21 // Canada // Australia

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Just a west coast girl trying to make it in a cow girl world  (at Cowboys Calgary)
Sunrise over Gambier Island #explorebc #westisbest (at Gambier Island, BC)
Man oh man  (at Gambier Harbour)
Regram from my partner in crime @eemeyeelwhy #honeymooning  (at ✌️)
Tuesdays *sigh*  (at Gambier Island)
The true north strong and free  (at clothing optional )
Couples retreat #whatsinyourcup #midweekbanger #westcoasting  (at BC Ferries - Horseshoe Bay Terminal)
My baby sister!!!  (at Gambier Island)
Lazy Gambier days (at the view)
✌️ (at Avalon Bay)
Check out this patriotic door 🍁 (at Avalon Bay)
Daisy chains and day drinking #CanadaDay  (at Big Tom )
Home.  (at Stump Hollow)
Welcome to hell. #RAINCOUVERBOUND  (at ✈️🍁)